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Paganizer -Carnage Junkies cd


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2020 re-issue in digipak with the original intended but never used artwork and track list

Formed in 1998 by Roger Johansson known for his work with Ribspreader, Deranged and Bone Gnawer. Paganizers sixth album ‘Carnage Junkie’ was produced by Dan Swano at Unisound and its an album that features some totally rotten old school European death metal music. The guitars are singing their brutal symphony, the rhythm section is exactly what this music needs and Johansson is the classic beast behind his microphone. The band has made a nice combination between fast outbreaks and mid tempo groovy riffing, something that makes the album avoid being monotonous. The production is also really nice having the necessary dirt, while maintaining a modern clear sound. Essential for any fan of good old Swedish death metal.

Track list:
1. Just Here Rotting
2. Among The Unknowing Dead
3. Blunt Blade Surgery
4. Mummified Alive
5. Sweet Decay
6. Carnage Junkie
7. Death Plain And Simple
8. Heal Not Your Wounds
9. The Rope Tightens
10. The Cadaverous

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Iron Blood And Death Corporation

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