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Paganizer -Compiled Ammunition cd


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Compiled Ammunition is a compilation album of rare and unreleased tracks from the long carrier of this Swedish death metal-institution. And just the fact that this album excist is amazing. The rare breed that is Rogga Johansson, wjhich has so many projects going on at once, that you would think that all the Paganizer left overs would be re-worked into material for any of his other bands but this album is willing to prove you thats not the case. Writers block has never seemed to be a problem for Rogga. He is so insanely productive that he even has the time to fill up a drawer with scrapped lyrics, notes, ideas and unused tracks and now he felt it was time to dig up some of this unheard tracks and mixes with some rare hard to find material. And dont think these left overs are second rated in anyway. If youre into Paganizer then you need this one too. Compiled Ammunition is an explosion of brutal, hellish and intensive riffs. Just the kind of death metal you could expect from this band. Mandatory

Track list:
1. Soldiers Of No Fortune
2. The Second Portal
3. Vanans Makt
4. No Flesh Forlorn
5. Forever Zombie
6. Scavengers Of The Undead
7. The Sound Of Insanity
8. Into The Wastelands
9. The Aeon Machinery
10. Maggot Fodder
11. El Diablo Cerveza
12. Among The Industrial Dread

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