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Paganizer -Death Through The Copperfields cd


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Paganizers first live album, Death Through The Copperfields, is nothing short of a shock of blackened, symphonic ambitions and epic intents. Loud, proud, bombastic and belligerent, Swedish metal crew Paganizer have been raging against the dying of mankind’s light for the last two decades, a consistent and reliable force for massive riffs and even bigger choruses. An instant critical success and a huge hit the band’s ever-growing fan base, it refined and redefined the Paganizer sound, cranking up the songs anthemic qualities and adding lashings of extra color to the whole celebratory squall.

Track list:
1. On A Gurney To Hell
2. Their Skin Suits Me
3. Rot
4. Scandinavian Warmachine
5. Landscapes Made Of Human Skin
6. Gasmask Obsession
7. Afterlife Burner
8. Mass Of Parasites
9. Souls For Sale
10. The Aeon Machinery
11. Du Vaknar Som Död
12. No Divine Rapture

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