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Paganizer -March Of The Insane cd


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Swedish death metal stalwarts Paganizer has thrown some brutality at us since their first demo in 1998. Anyone who have heard more than one of their records knows that they never disapoint. Jump forward to March 2022 and the bands nice little EP March Of The Insane, featuring 3 new tracks and two tracks that previously only where released on the split vinyl single with Humiliation back in 2014. The new tracks is mutilating everything in its path with their crushing riffs and Rogga’s growling voice. So even if you own the original vinyl single you still need to buy this EP as the 3 new tracks are definitely worth owning.

Track list:
1. March Of The Insane
2. Festering Dreams
3. Global Manslaughter
4. Viking Hammer-from the split with Humiliation 2014
5. Blood On The Axe-from the split with Humiliation 2014

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