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Paganizer –Massdeath Maniac cd


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2022 UK pressing with different artwork compared to the 2021 Peru pressing

Slayer’s masterpiece Reign In Blood was 27 minutes so we all know that keeping it short and simple can sometimes works in favour of an album. Paganizer’s 2021 album Massdeath Manaic aimed for that as well by turning out an album that is 27 minutes and its another onslaught that carries that Stockholm death metal vibe.It has was you expect from a Paganizer album. Rogga’s guttural and caustic voice together with those thick buzzsaw riffs. And the sound is always crispy and sharp on Rogga’s Rotpit recordings. There is midtempo riffs that can change to blistering blastbeats within a heartbeat, yes the album has it all. To keep it short again; the album is a typical Paganizer album and if you are a fan of their previous work then you will not be disappointed by this odious opus.

Track list:
1. Massdeath Maniac
2. Born To Be Buried Alive
3. The Morbidly Obscene
4. Army Of Maggots
5. The Festering Of Sores
6. Flesh Collector
7. Carbonized Resurrection
8. The Return Of Horror
9. Erare Humanum Death

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