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Paganizer -Murder Death Kill cd


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Formed in 1998 by Roger Johansson that are known for his work with Ribspreader, Deranged and Bone Gnawer. Paganizers fourth album ‘Murder Death Kill’ was produced by Mieszko Talarczyk at Soundlab Studio and its an album that features some totally rotten old school European death metal music. What Paganizer offer us here is the basic Swedish formula, that is of course, a bit of aggression, with a bit of melody, this translates to: the heaviest tunes with catchy sections. One good thing about these guys is that the vocals aren’t too guttural, they maintain a healthy level of understandability, and that’s always good. Essential for any fan of good old Swedish death metal.

Track listing:
1. Meateater
2. Mourning Life
3. Bleed Unto Me
4. Shallow Burial
5. Dead Souls
6. Crawl To The Cross
7. Obsessed By Flesh
8. Du Vaknar Som Dod
9. Formaldehyde Dreams

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