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Paganizer -Split with Depression cd


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The track list is wrong on the backcover. Correct track list can be seen below.

A split album between Depression and Paganizer. Depression is first out and its so obvious Depression as they havent changed their sound a bit since the previous recording. This is old school deathgrind maybe with a bit more plain death metal this time around. The dual growling really gets full effect when backed up by the grinding drums and hammering string work, accompanied by the psychotic screaming of Kai. It’s business as usual for these lads, creating powerful deathgrind keeping the old school banner flying proudly high up in the sky. It can be simplistic, intricate or just plain brute force, but it never lacks in energy nor groove. Wicked. Paganizer is out next and some of the material here is typical Paganizer, which means rough old school death metal. However there are a few tunes that really stands out from their ordinary roster, as “Grinded And exiled” sounds like a brutal goregrind machine. “Fleshnaut” has a really groovy breakdown in its otherwise straightforward death, so there’s a lot of variety here. This band never disappoint, and this is just as brutal of a mangle as always.

Track list:
1. Depression – Ain’t No Ordinary Brutality-intro
2. Depression – The Scent of Faded Memories
3. Depression – Howling at My Backdoor Pt. 2
4. Depression – Wipe You Off Life’s Page
5. Depression – Modertau
6. Depression – Artefacted Irreligion-Benediction cover
7. Depression – Manifesto of the Weird
8. Depression – On the Edge
9. Depression – Leech
10. Depression – Fallen from Grace
11. Depression – In the End…Unknowing
12. Depression – Oscar’s Job-outro
13. Paganizer – This Place Is Rot
14. Paganizer – Untitled 1
15. Paganizer – Abortion Van
16. Paganizer – Gasmask Obsession
17. Paganizer – Hell Is Already Here
18. Paganizer – Grinded and Exiled v1.0
19. Paganizer – Fleshnaut v1.0
20. Paganizer – N.Y. Ripper
21. Paganizer – Untitled 2
22. Paganizer – Untitled 3

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Suffer Productions

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SUFFER 005-2