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Paladin Shield ‎–Road To Alchemy MC


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French pressed music cassette. Red/pink cassette with paper label.

Paladin Shield is a 3 piece band from LA that make melodic arcade sounding indie-tronic / shoegaze rock music. They consist of Danny on the drums, Jesse on bass. vocals and computer chips and Tiaday on guitar and vocals. The best description of their music we heard so far is “Paladin Shield is how you wish your 80s RPG games would have sounded like, if only those vintage consoles would have had more space on their cartridges for music”.

Track list:
1. Silver Gates
2. Misty Mystic
3. Goblin City
4. Arcane Road
5. Iron Raiden
6. Goblin City-Dubmood remix
7. Arcane Road-HBYM remix
8. Misty Mystic-GOTO80 remix
9. Silver Gates-Bright White Lightning remix
10. Iron Raiden-Cyclops Rock remix

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