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Paradise Lost / Autopsy -Split 7″


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Rare 1991 UK flexi disc. Split between Paradise Lost and Autopsy

This flexi disc was released to promoted the new 1991 albums from Paradise Lost and Autopsy. This means you have a track from Paradise Lost second album Gothic and the second album from Autopsy, Mental Funeral. So an early release from both bands. Back in 1991 Paradise Lost were among the forefathers of the death/doom genre together with country-mates Anathema and My Dying Bride. Ex-Death drummer Chris Reifert’s (who also does vocals) new band Autopsy got together in 1987 and managed to secure a record deal with Peaceville after their demo Critical Madness. Their debut album, Severed Survival, saw the light of day in 1990 and 1991 was busy year with the release of the Eps, Fiend For Blood and Retribution For The Dead and the release of Mental Funeral. However the band were more well-known for their disturbing cover arts then their music. Something that would soon change and the band are nowadays considered a major cult act when it comes to US metal.

Track list:
1. Paradise Lost –Eternal
2. Autopsy –Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay

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