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Paradise Lost -In Requiem lp/cd


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2017 press on black vinyl with gatefold cover and the entire album on cd as bonus.

The 2007 release from these Gods of UK Doom was the official successor to 1995s ‘Draconian times’! Right away its the heaviest thing theyve done since ‘Icon’ and it doesnt let up! The vocals are a mix between ‘Paradise lost’ and ‘Draconian times’ and fit with out sounding forced or strained! This is another quality musical masterwork by these Gods of Doom! Epitomal and massively heavy!

Track listing:
1. Never For the Damned
2. Ash & Debris
3. The Enemy
4. Praise Lamented Shade
5. Requiem
6. Unreachable
7. Prelude to Descent
8. Fallen Children
9. Beneath Black Skies
10. Sedative God
11. Your Own Reality

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