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Paradise Lost -Live Death lp


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Creators, pioneers and purveyors of the whole Gothic Doom Metal scene which subsequently came to prominence in the early 90s, Britain’s Paradise Lost rose from humble Northern roots to become one of the UK’s leading artists in the metal genre throughout the decade and beyond, remaining as relevant and revered as ever to this day after a career spanning over three decades. Live Death features a band still in their formative years, with an early showcase of their raw potential from November the 4th back in 1989 at the Queens Hall in Bradford, in their home county of West Yorkshire, England. From an era of what was still an evolving and blossoming extreme metal scene, Paradise Lost already displayed an advanced maturity to their compositions and a developing style of their own, as the quintet perform a set containing tracks from their coming debut album, the masterpiece of death metal that is Lost Paradise, with tracks such as Frozen Illusion, and Rotting Misery. So if you love early Paradise Lost then you should check this out as it was recorded before the release of the band’s self-titled debut and most of the songs performed at this concert would show up on that album a year later.

Track list:
1. Deadly Inner Sense
2. Frozen Illusion
3. Breeding Fear
4. Paradise Lost
5. Our Savior
6. Rotting Misery
7. Internal Torment

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