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Paradise Lost -Lost Paradise cd


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2010 re-issue in super jewel box with 3 bonus tracks

At one time goth rockers Paradise Lost from Halifax, England couldve been mistaken for a doomy version of Autopsy, albeit a less cantankerous and grimy one. Riffs grind and groan, vocals growl, production lays there stark naked and raw, a formula as frill-less as it is formless, the record itself rapt in an aura of desolation that has the structure of something skeletal, like an old unfinished building or the woods in winter. It wasnt a writing on the wall that this British quintet would embellish their tetchy death/doom style with things that go atmospheric in the night, but if they had stayed with this credo for one or two more lps they wouldve probably died the nearly unremembered death of Winter and Disembowelment. Their “Lost Paradise” debut was recorded at The Academy, Winter 1989 and released in 1990. Engineered by Pat Grogan. Female Vocal of ‘Breeding Fear’ by Kay Field. Humble beginnings arent supposed to shed light like a beacon. If a bands lucky, its illuminating something possibly evidential or even prophetic, but nothing too vast, and later we may become endeared to these early stages in pretty clear hindsight. So while this may be the old coat way in the back of Paradise Losts closet, its still the caterpillar before the butterfly.

…and the madman speaks, listen with awe at the lies he’ll preach…

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Deathly Inner Sense
3. Paradise Lost
4. Our Saviour
5. Rotting Misery
6. Frozen Illusion
7. Bleeding Fear
8. Lost Paradise
9. Internal Torment II
10. Eternal-live
11. Gothic-mix
12. The Painless-mix

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