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Paradise Lost -S/t dlp


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Self released black vinyl with embossed gatefold cover and printed innersleeve

The once pioneers of doom-death and later on gothic-rock/metal are back with their self titled, 10th studio album ‘Paradise Lost’. This is one band that has had quite a fascinating evolution since their conception in 1990. Alot of purists will now dismiss them as ‘washed up has beens’ but the fact is that Paradise Lost were one of the more daring metal bands, when it came to making decisions that could make or break their careers. They had somewhat perfected their art of doom-death with masterpieces such as ‘Gothic’ and ‘Shades of God’, and could have stayed in the comfort zone that they had created for themselves with their fans. But their next offering ‘Icon’ showed that they were not interested in stagnating with their craft. With some added catchiness, and drift to a more cleaner vocal style, they released two great albums that are now considered to be the stepping stones for gothic metal/rock. Their next album ‘One Second’ showed a drastic shift in style away from the ‘Draconian Times’ era material, but still managed to capture their dark, depressive atmosphere inspite of bieng alot more mellow. ‘Host’, their most daring album, showed a heavy ‘Depeche Mode’ influence. Minimalistic guitars, syth driven beats, but in spirit, it was still very much Paradise Lost. Their next two albums, ‘Believe in Nothing’ and ‘Symbol of Life’, were attempts to get back to their heavier side. Which brings us to their 10th offering, ‘Paradise Lost’ and this time they really mean it. The guitars are back in the mix, and heavy as ever! Greg Mackintosh’s trademark lead style is back in the fold, which makes their sound immediately noticeable. Nick Holmes’ performance has also taken a turn to a more heavier, darker style, his most aggressive performance since ‘Draconian Times’. The keyboards, which had been at the forefront of their sound on ‘One Second’ and ‘Host’, are now pushed into the background, but are still very effective in their job. Past touring partner Heather Thompson of Tapping the Vein contributed backing vocals on first single “Forever After” and album track “Over The Madness”. The choir-like backing vocals on “Forever After” were performed by Leah Randi.

Track listing:
1. Don’t Belong
2. Close Your Eyes
3. Grey
4. Redshift
5. Forever After
6. Sun Fading
7. Laws Of Cause
8. All You Leave Behind
9. Accept The Pain
10. Shine
11. Spirit
12. Over The Madness

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