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Patria –Individualism lp


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Brazilian black metal act Patria, from Rio Grande do Sul, found their home with their fifth album when the signed to Norway’s Indie Recordings. This album , titled Individualism, is something between the excellent and the perfection. The band still does music the same way before, but as always, they surprise us all with a different approach on their music. Patria’s still furious and harsh, but some elegance entered their songs, a refinement, in the middle of their chaotic mix between their high-pitched harsh vocals, extremely strong and aggressive guitar riffs and solid rhythmic basis is better than before. And it turned their music more tasty for us all. Sometimes fast, other times more slower and morbid, they evolves in a very gently form, for their veteran fans have nothing to complain, and can gather new ones. The final mastering has now been done by Øystein G. Brun (mastermind from Borknagar) at Silver Soundscapes studios, at Garnes / Hordaland (Norway). And it really brought something new for the band’s sound, for its sounding clearly, but keeping their old elements intact. Patria was formed in 2008 and soon forging a reputation at home with their merger of dark Scandinavian ravages and South American designed metal. Their roots continue to inflame their releases as evidenced by their 2013 album and now its successor, but an evolution of invention and experimentation also spices their endeavours. The result, as mentioned in regard to Individualism, is an incitement which stays within the walls of traditional black metal but colours it with inciting designs and vicious seductions. The music on Individualism will permeates every pore and corner of mind and emotions, its a magnetic and rewarding violation. It is an encounter which builds in weight, intensity, and sheer quality with every plunge into its blackened depths. There are still parts where you are looking for sparks of originality but those gaps with each release seem to become few and far between as Patria continue to emerge as one of the more potent and gripping extreme metal propositions.

Track list:
1. Individualism
2. Blood Storm Prophecy
3. Uncrowned God Of Light
4. Outrage
5. Orphan Of Emptiness
6. Far Beyond The Scorn
7. Catharsis
8. Epiphany
9. Your Rotten Heart Dies Now
10. Gods Entombment
11. Requiem For The Ego

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