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Paul Dianno’s Killers -Murder One cd


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2007 re-issue with different cover artwork and 3 bonus tracks

Murder One were the first album ex-Iron maiden singer put together with his band Killers. Not only is it the first it is also still one of his best albums. This has been out of print and so hard to find for many years but many of the few that actually owns it hails it as a lost classic. In the early 90s Paul had found himself a killer of a band with Cliff Evans (Tank) and Nick Burr (Battlezone/Tyrant) on guitars, Gavin Cooper (Battlezone) on bass and Steve Hopgood (Battlezone/Tank/Chinatown/Persian Risk) on drums. This album may be the heir to Maiden’s Killers in atmosphere, even though the two have entirely different styles of writings. Oppressive, dark and striking it really showed that Dianno was back with this album. The strongest cuts on this record are the obvious hits like Impaler and Marshall Lockjaw as well as strong cuts like S & Mï. Paul’s streetwise vocals wind around the bluesy/heavy riffs giving them a personality and life like no other singer could. The track Awakening is proof enough that the man also had a thoughtful side that couldn’t be ignored. Time and time again, Paul Dianno impresses with both craft and performance on this release. The re-work of the old Iron Maiden track Remember Tomorrow is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that its actually a wonderful remake but the bad thing is that its actually here. It would have been much better if it had been a Maiden free record as it was such a strong album. Murder One is a must-have for fans of Paul Dianno, Nwobhm, Iron Maiden fans or just fans of early 1990’s metal in general.

Track listing:
1. Impaler
2. The Beast Arises
3. Children Of The Revolution-T.Rex cover
4. S & M
5. Takin’ No Prisoners
6. Marshall Lockjaw
7. Protector
8. Dream Keeper
9. Awakening
10. Remember Tomorrow-Iron Maiden cover
11. Three Words-demo
12. Wrathchild-acoustic version
13. Dream Keeper-acoustic version

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