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Paul McCartney ‎–1980-1985 Careerspan Vol.3 dvd


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The Careerspan dvds was released in 2005 in a series of three dvds featuring TV-studio, promo videos, live material documenting Paul McCartneys life after Beatles from 1970 to 1985. The three dvds were sold separately and were released in chronological order. This was the third dvd in the series and it features material from 1980 to 1985

Track list:
1. Pauls Drug Bust In Japan 10th of January 1980
2. Coming Up-promo 1980
3. Waterfalls-promo 1980
4. Pauls Initial Reaction To The Death Of John Lennon-TV Newscast 9th of December 1980
5. Choosing Johns Beautiful Boy As A Desert Island Disc-UK TV, 20th January 1982
6. Ebony And Ivory-promo 1982 version 1
7. Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder-Ebony And Ivory-promo 1982 version 2
8. Take It Away-promo 1982
9. Tug Of War-promo 1982
10. Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson -Say Say Say-promo 1983
11. Mixing Pipes Of Peace With Russel Harty-Harty TV, 14th of December 1983
12. Pipes Of Peace-promo 1983
13. At Air London Studios 1983 Recording For No One
14. From The Film Give My Regards To Broad Street 1984
15. At Air London Studios 1984: Paul Improvising
16. No More Lonely Nights-promo 1984
17. No More Lonely Nights-disco version-promo 1984
18. We All Stand Together-promo 1984
19. Let It Be-Live Aid, London, 13th of July 1985
20. Paul McCartney And The Quarryme-Buddy Holly Special 12th of September 1985
21. Spies Like Us-promo 1985

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