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Pearl Jam ‎–House Of The Blues dvd


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This club show at the House Of Blues, on the 12th of April 2003, was added after the tour dates for the The Riot Act Tour were announced and tickets were only available via radio station contests. Ed says, Well, we don’t know what you did to get in tonight but we’re glad you did. He notes the many cameras and explains that those are there for people at home watching the show on their computers. He later jokes of how they are the house band. The improv before Insignificance includes the lyrics: There’s no karma in the afterlife … but there’s a price to pay in this one here …. be good …. During the encore, Ed comments on how his uke is nicknamed Carry On (short for Carry On My Wayward Son) and he says that he isn’t going to play the song but wishes that Mike would. Mike steps up with guitar and Ed says that if Mike knows how to play it, he’ll sing it. Mike plays the lead riffs and stops, with Ed saying it is a good thing that Mike only knows the instrumental section or Ed would be in big trouble. This leads to Ed playing Blue Red Grey, a Who song (see The Who By Numbers) that Pete penned and plays the ukulele on; it is undoubtedly the inspiration for Soon Forget and Ed plays the uke on it as well. The Riot Act Tour was the band’s first with keyboardist Boom Gaspar. Pearl Jam is, literally, an arena-rock band, easily able to fill any sport arena or coliseum with fist-pumping fans. But they are also a band that works perfectly in smaller settings like this. When the band released its first album, more than a decade ago, Mr. Vedder was a long-haired yowler, and his band was praised (or, equally, derided) for combining grunge solemnity with the bombast of hard rock. But Mr. Vedder long ago embraced the art of restraint, cutting his hair and cutting down on the theatrics. It was easy to spot the fans who owned Pearl Jam’s most recent album, ‘Riot Act. They were the ones who sang along with ‘Thumbing My Way,’ a ruminative ballad that evokes one of Bruce Springsteen’s quieter moments. But no matter if you were there to hear the old or the new it was an amazing night.

Track list:
1. Can’t Keep
2. Save You
3. Get Right
4. Even Flow
5. Faithful
6. Habit
7. I Am Mine
8. Love Boat Captain
9. Green Disease
10. Sleight Of Hand
11. Thumbing My Way
12. 1/2 Full
13. Deep
14. Insignificance
15. Once
16. Alive
17. Spin The Black Circle
18. Go
19. Do The Evolution
20. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
21. Blue, Red And Grey
22. Rearviewmirror
23. Glorified G
24. Crazy Mary
25. Know Your Rights
26. Fuckin Up
27. Yellow Ledbetter