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Pentacle –Rides The Moonstorm dlp


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Rare 1998 press. Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 numbered copies

Rides The Moonstorm is Pentacle’s debut full-length album was originally released back in the late 90s. These Dutchmen play a blend of ancient Death Metal that is inspired by old 80s masters such as Possessed, Pentagram (chile), Celtic Frost, Necrovore and so on. Rides Of The Moonstorm is crushing and totally memorable old school death metal. The songs are full of blasting energy, the riffs are killer, the production raw, but deadly as hell. An amazing release

Track list:
1. Rides The Moonstorm
2. Veil Of Sulphur
3. Yielding To The Scepter Of Flesh
4. For I Am Chaos
5. Raised By Nights Chaos
6. Baptism In A Fiery Void
7. Spell Of The Pentagram
8. Deepness Of The Depths
9. Scythes

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