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Pentagram -All Your Sins 2dvd


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Double dvd in a nice digipak sleeve with slipcase

Any fan of Pentagram will love this release and as a fan you should understand that production quality can be poor for some of the band’s recordings but still you should be thankful and lucky that they were recorded at all. Most of this material is officially released audience and fan recorded bootleg quality footage. The band, songs, and collection are great, but this release takes patience and dedication to get through – some of the footage and sound quality is painfully sub-basement and its a massive boasts of early doom as this double dvd has more than seven hours of footage from nine shows recorded between 1983 and 2014. Right off the bat, the package design is solid. The cover features psychedelic purple-hued artwork with a pair of eyes staring right at you. The case opens up, revealing the two discs surrounded by a collage of band photos and artwork from over the years. The back lists all of the shows featured on the release and their set lists. The first disc contains some of their earlier shows, ranging from ’83 to ’87 and ’96. The second disc contains shows from ’93 and ’10 – ’14. The raw, digitized tape compliments Pentagram’s crude sound from the ‘80s. At times, the sound can be a bit too distorted, but I cannot fault them for that entirely, as the band has been underground for over forty years. Content-wise, the sets contain mostly Pentagram’s ‘80s material as well as some ‘70s classics. It is always a great pleasure to watch Bobby Liebling’s antics while performing. The dude is a fiend on stage and knows how to entertain. Guitarist Victor Griffin had some interesting outfits back in the day, in contrast to his understated look nowadays. This dvd is for Pentagram fans and not for newcomers but with so much material recorded over such a long span i cant seen who anyone could ask for more

Show list:
1. Death Row -Live At The Silver Fox (1983)
2. Pentagram -CBGB (1983)
3. Pentagram -The Seagull Inn (1985)
4. Pentagram -The Hung Jury Pub (1996)
5. Pentagram -930 Club (1996)
6. Pentagram -The Paragon (1995)
7. Pentagram -The End (2010)
8. Pentagram -John Dee, Oslo (2011)
9. Pentagram -The DNA Lounge (2014)

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