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Pentagram -Last Rites lp


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Black 180g vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

Pentagram, the band that has been churning out widely admired hard rock/doom metal for over four decades, has just returned with the album ‘Last Rites’. The album contains 11 tracks of behemoth tunes that fans have been clamouring for since the last Liebling/Griffin masterpiece was released in 1994 (‘Be Forewarned’). The cover artwork for ‘Last Rites’ was handled by Mo Moussa who is best known for his work with Marvel and DC Comics. Cult rock legend Bobby Liebling has been churning out genre-defining and highly admired hard rock/doom metal for over 40 years with Pentagram. Within its first decade, the band is largely regarded as co-creating two subgenres of hard rock — heavy metal at the birth of the 1970s and doom towards its death. Pentagrams classic ‘Death Row’-era line-up and the band’s debut album, ‘Relentless’ (1984), was inducted into Decibel magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2010. Guitarist Victor Griffin’s invention of the ‘Drop B’ tuning is first heard here. This heavy-handed hallmark went on to influence handfuls of players and defined a subgenre. These numbers recently included Jack White and his band The Dead Weather who cover ‘Forever My Queen’ (Liebling) live. It was also played on late night talk shows worldwide and even released as a single on White’s own Third Man Records.

Track listing:
1. Treat Me Right
2. Call the Man
3. Into the Ground
4. 8
5. Everything’s Turning to Night
6. Windmills and Chimes
7. American Dream
8. Walk in Blue Light
9. Horseman
10. Death in 1st Person
11. Nothing Left

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