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Per Gessle ‎–Around The Corner 7″


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Black vinyl. Limited 1500 copies

Marie Fredriksson unfortunately passed away on December 9, 2019 after a 17-year battle against cancer. Fans, friends and colleagues around the world were all taken by her passing. Per Gessle mourns his longtime friend and musical partner with a new song titled Around The Corner (The Comfort Song) featuring Helena Josefsson. Read Per’s personal letter below about the song.

Music is an extraordinary thing. It can bring a smile to your face and create so many wonderful images in your heart and mind. It can also help you through grim times. Some songs even feel like they were written just for you, especially for you. Isn’t that strange? Or maybe it just means we’re all the same. I finished writing Around The Corner the day after Marie died. Three days later my mother-in-law died. Death was on the plate. I wrote it for me. But I guess I also wrote it for all of you out there. We are many who lost someone dear and don’t really know where to go. Here it is, my comfort song.

Track list:
1. Around The Corner (The Comfort Song)
2. Kissing Is The Key-2019 version

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