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Perdition ‎–Incarnations cd


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The Polish black metal act Perdition was born in Lublin in 2004. The band released some demos, a split single and an EP up to 2007 before the growing differences between vocalist Xaso Oblivion and the rest of the band made the band slip apart and in 2007 Xaos Oblivion left the band. The remaining members teamed up with the new vocalist Ashgan to create Blaze Of Perdition. Incarnation is a album featuring the Antihuman Divinty EP (2007) and two demos remastered and remixed and collected onto one full length album for the first time. If youre into the Swedish type of black metal or want to check out the roots of Blaze Of Perdition then this is the album to get

Track list:
1. Entering the Alatar of Chaos-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
2. Total Massmurder-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
3. Genocide Sodomy-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
4. Ostateczne rozwiazanie-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
5. Incantation of Selfdestruction-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
6. Warfare-Zyklon B cover-from Antihuman Divinty EP 2007
7. Annihilation-from Necromessiah demo 2005
8. Passage-from Necromessiah demo 2005
9. Inhuman Desires-from Necromessiah demo 2005
10. Destruction of Reality-from Necromessiah demo 2005
11. Necromessiah-from Necromessiah demo 2005
12. Incantation of Selfdestruction-from Necromessiah demo 2005
13. Odium-from Dominion Antihuman demo 2007
14. Son of Man-from Dominion Antihuman demo 2007
15. Ouhon Theos-from Dominion Antihuman demo 2007
16. Theology of Tyrany-from Dominion Antihuman demo 2007
17. Kampf – Ostateczne rozwiazanie-from Dominion Antihuman demo 2007

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