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Perdition ‎–Piaculum mlp


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Black vinyl with poster and an 8 page booklet. Limited 500 copies

The debut EP from Perdition, hailing from Santiago Chile, offers 25 minutes of ritualistic black metal about misery and devotion. There are some Ondskapt influences on here, Just go to the track Raising The Chalice In Devotion from 3:18 and forward and compared this to the Draco Sit Mihi Dux album and you will agree that there many similarities. Overall Piaculum is a good debut EP and fans of Ondskapt should check this out

Track list:
1. Sepulchral Emptyness
2. Raising The Chalice In Devotion
3. Inhabitants Of The Octagram
4. Revelation Of Perditions Vortex
5. Infestation

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Aquilus Cruoris Records / Sigilla Malae Records

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