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Perlokus ‎–Hostia Podre cd


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Perlokus is a blasphemic black metal duo from Divinopolis in Brazil made up of VoidNecroLust together with Hel (short for Helen) Antichrist Revenge. The duo made a bunch of demos during their first 5 years before changing name to Ritos Abominaves. Another demo arrived and then they decided to switch back to their old name again in 2015. More music was created and finally in 2019 they released their debut album Hostia Podre. The duo’s roots seems to be where the countries extreme metal roots are. Bands such as Sarcofago, Holocausto and so on

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Hostia Podre
3. Herege
4. Convento Devasso
5. Culto A Insanidade
6. Recrucifique Cristo
7. Santa Inquisicao
8. Chupe Me Maria
9. Satanas-Sarcofago cover

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Brazilian Ritual Records

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BRR 009