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Perseus ‎–The Mystic Hands Of Fate cd


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The Mystic Hands Of Fate is the debut album from Italy’s Perseus. Perseus uses classic heavy metal as the foundation to their songs then they mixes it with power metal ala Labyrinth and Vision Divine. Harmonizing guitars with double kick blasts with an interruption by the singer belting out his best to grab the listener and make him/her listen and understand. The songs flows well and they rocks and features catchy chorus and excellent arrangements. The opener “Over The Horizon”, the Maiden like “The Island” and the excellent ballad “I’ll Be Alone” are few of the excellent songs that shows Perseus potential

Track list:
1. Sons Of Kronos
2. Over The Horizon
3. Memories
4. Bad Illusion
5. I’m Your Flame
6. Icarus Creed
7. Devil In Disguise
8. Dark Side O’Mine
9. The Island
10. I’ll Be Alone
11. The Tears Of Saturnus
12. My Wicked Love To Rest
13. Outro (The Reason Why)

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