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Pest -Desecration lp


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Original 2003 press on black vinyl with gatefold cover.

Swedens black metal act Pest was formed in 1997 and they were soon known for their desire to produce a purer version of black metal, one that lacked the symphonic and progressive tendencies of some of the genre’s second and third generation acts. Their speedy brand of the dark stuff was first made public on a series of demos that first started hitting the scene in 1998. The duo — members Equimanthorn (bass and guitars, and not to be confused with the similarly named former member of Dark Funeral) and Necro (guitars, vocals, and drums) (Pest would, on occasion, utilize session drummers on some works) — released two further demos in 1999, In Eternity Skyless and Black Thorns before officially releasing the Blasphemy Is My Throne EP in 2002. Finally, a full length from the duo, that made up quite a buzz in the true black metal underground, entitled Desecration, was released in 2003. The album takes you straight into some morbid hateful riffs. Desecration is an over all prime example of a great new act that can scream out some old school black metal the way it should be. Desecration or like most Pest releases are something most fans of true black metal should get into.

Track listing:
1. Ninth Nocturnal Departure
2. Commanding Armageddon
3. Hours Of Eternity And Death
4. Dark Northern Winters
5. Descending
6. I Am The Plague

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