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Pest -In Total Contempt lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Swedens black metal act Pest was formed in 1997 and they were soon known for their desire to produce a �purer’ version of black metal, one that lacked the symphonic and progressive tendencies of some of the genre’s second and third generation acts. Their debut full length album �Desecration� from 2003 made quite a buzz in the underground circles. So expectations were high when the band returned in 2005 with the sophomore album �In Total Contempt�. The album is fast and aggressive; however they didn’t abandon misanthropic mid-tempos but just found a mixture of these two aspects of black metal. The best elements of their previous works here are re-taken and improved. The sound is raw and Necros vocal screams are a trademark: he vomits tons of hatred with a rage that you won’t find easily in many nowadays black metal bands.

Track listing:
1. Thrones Ablaze
2. Beyond Redemption
3. In Total Contempt
4. A Vengeance Rising
5. Cold Stare
6. Slaves of Celestial Bounds
7. Dreams of Life seem Morbid
8. Into Deep Black Halls

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