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Pestnebel ‎–Der Schwarze Tod/In Den Schwarzen Abgrunden Der Ewigkeit dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

German black metal act formed in Kassel back in 2002 by mainman Pestmeister Tairach. This double album features the bands two first releases In Den Schwarzen Abgrunden Der Ewigkeit (2003) and Der Schwarze Tod (2004) released on vinyl for the first time. Pestmeister Tairach and drummer Nebeltroll wont win any prizes for originality because this is black metal, old school black metal. Uncanny and nasty, pure, simple and a sound that is elevated above necro. The vocals are mid-range, typical black metal style, with a bit of croaking gurgle to put them on the plus-side of generic, as well as a satisfying variation from time to time. They are perfectly in the mix, as well as everything else. This was done by people who have recorded and listened to black metal before. Everything about this album screams old-fashioned black metal, from a time when the feeling passed from Bathory to Mayhem, with a sound that is equal parts Under The Sign Of The Black Mark and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. The two first albums from Pestnebel will probably not been hailed as important milestones for the genre but they bring a momentary joy when listening to them. So if youre in for some good old non-challenging black metal of ancient flavour then Pestnebel is for you

Track list:
1. Aus Den Nebeln Der Ewigkeit
2. In Den Schatten Des Winters
3. Darkness Is My Fate
4. The Goddess And The Blackstorm
5. Grabeskälte
6. Goatspawn Incantation
7. Descend To The Fogrealm
8. König Pest
9. Sunset Over The Ocean Of Melancholia
10. Im Bann Des Wintermondes
11. Der Schwarze Tod
12. The Graven Moon
13. Chordeva Part I
14. From The Mountains Of Doom
15. Carrier Of Misery
16. Chordeva Part II
17. Durch Die Sternenlose Dunkelheit
18. Nacht Der Drohenden Schatten

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