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Peter Pan Speedrock ‎–Speedfreak Manifesto dvd


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A dvd documentary that is like the band itself: “Loud, Mean, Fast & Dirty”.

Peter Pan Speedrock the punk metal rock n roll beast has released the dvd ‘Speedfreak Manifesto´ which captures the rise and rise of three rebels hailing from Eindhoven (Rock city) perfectly. The unstoppable march to success is illustrated with all kinds of exciting footage (home-video’s, TV-broadcasts, etc.) which the band cumulated throughout the years. It ranges from amateur pictures of a legendary road trip to Litomerice in the Czech Republic (1999) to professional footage of the roaring release-party of ‘Spread Eagle’ in the old Effenaar-venue (One of the last shows ever there). It’s like you’re part of the inner circle of the band and their followers. This results in funny, touching and surprising moments. For example, did you know that the band split up for one night? Or that Elvis interviewed the band mascot Dikke Dennis in ‘King On The Rocks’? Maybe you rather relish yourself in the miles of live-footage from all kinds of venues, from festivals to little shitholes in the US with tracks like ‘Alfa Female’, ‘Auf Der Axe’, ‘Go Satan Go’ and a lot more? The whole thing is spiced with pictures of the gents on the road. It’s like the band itself says somewhere down the line “This looks like a fieldtrip in high school!” Well, a fieldtrip for adults that is. If nothing else this dvd proves that the gents are still very aware of the fact that it’s pretty amazing living the live they do and it still feels like a dream come true. It’s fantastic to see the band maturing throughout the years; going from that little band from Eindhoven to the full force explosive testosterone fuelled hotrod it is today. It’s just more prove of the fact that the only way to get success is working your ass off and play, play, play! Where-ever you can, whenever you can, however you can!

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