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PG Roxette -Walking On Air 7″


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Black vinyl 7”

PG Roxette’s Walking On Air is the second single from thhe Pop-Up Dynamo album release. Per explains: Walking On Air was the very first song written for Pop-Up Dynamo. I got a request to write something for the Top Gun: Maverick-movie in the fall of 2019. So I wrote WOA. It was actually made for a particular scene in the film where someone was going to dance on a beach hence the lyrics oh I’m sure you love to dance on the beach. However, the movie people involved didn’t use the song. Maybe they didn’t like it as much as I did? Or maybe they took away the scene? I don’t know. I haven’t seen Top Gun yet. So I kept it to myself and started writing more stuff in the same ’80s-’90s style that reminded me of Look Sharp and Joyride. That’s how the whole new PG Roxette album came about. It’s Helena and Dea combined that sing the lead vocals in the choruses. Helena is the driving force but Dea is overdubbing her and also sings harmony vocals. And they share the wailing duties. They have such different styles which I love to work with. This is the sound, combined with my own voice, that shines through the whole new album. Together they create almost a third persona, it’s hard to say who’s who. Walking On Air is keeping the Roxette sound alive. The classic and familiar Roxette ingredients of a smart production with great hooks and a don’t bore us, get to the chorus-attitude shine through the entire song. There are millions of people out there who still love Roxette so of course I want to keep our music relevant. At first, I wasn’t sure which way to go but as time passed by it became clear that I want to continue this fantastic joyride. I want to keep the legacy of Roxette alive, says Per Gessle. And hey, there are two b-sides on the vinyl single. One is yet another litte ditty, Necessary, that won’t be on the album. The other is a remix of WOA made by Bridge and Mountain.

Track list:
1. Walking On Air
2. Necessary
3. Walking On Air-Bride And Mountain remix

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