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Phantasm -Keeper Of Death cd


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2018 Dark Blasphemies Records release with 3 bonus tracks. First ever cd release of this rarity. Limited 500 copies

You’ll remember it up to your death day. Your fate is in the hands of the keeper of death

Phantasm from Lipetsk in Russia was formed in 1989 as Propeller but it was after their name change to Phantasm, in 1992, that things started to happen. Their one and only album, Keeper Of Fate, was released on vinyl in 1993 and the band seems to have dissolved the following year. Keeper Of Death is one of many underappreciated Eastern Bloc releases. For those who managed to get hold of the original vinyl knows that this is quite an interesting death metal release. If you only saw the cover, the band logo and heard the music back then, then im sure you thought it was another one of those Tampa Bay bands that were popular at the time. The copious amounts of death metal riffs, leads, and growls should please fans of the Florida death metal scene

Track listing:
1. Rotten Plague
2. Stick In Back
3. Brainsuckers Spiders
4. Night Of The Living Dead
5. Keeper Of Death
6. Black Castle
7. Phantasm-Instrumental
8. Grave Digger
9. Morbid History
10. More Then Death
11. Real World Over

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