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Phasslayne ‎–Cut It Up cd


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Still sealed 2020 release with 11 bonus tracks. Limited to 500 copies

This album is easily one of the most criminally underrated NWOBHM albums on the Neat roster, featuring amazing classic heavy tunes from start to finish. Stuff like Run For Guns, Feels On Wheels, Minute Man etc are nothing but sheer greatness. Cut It Up has never been officially released on cd before and thanks to the amazing original founder and guitar player of the band, Michael Maughan, this has finally happened. But the real treat for the fans is the 11 unreleased bonus songs, some of which are gigantic metal hymns like Mercenary Killer and To Rule The World. Booklet comes with an interview and vintage 80s photos so make sure you add this classic to your NWOBHM collection.

Track list:
1. Think It Over
2. Picture Me
3. Don’t Walk Away
4. Run For Guns
5. Down And Out
6. Minute Man
7. Get It Right
8. Feels On Wheels
9. King Creole
10. Who’s Losing Now
11. Can’t You See-demo 83
12. Took Her Dancin-demo 83
13. To Rule The World-demo 83
14. Mercenary Killers-demo 83
15. Don’t Walk Away-Desert Sound demo 84
16. Minute Man-Desert Sound demo 84
17. Picture Me-Desert Sound demo 84
18. Cruizin-Neat Live No Dubs 85
19. Minute Man-Neat Live No Dubs 85
20. Picture Me-Neat Live No Dubs 85
21. Think It Over-Neat Live No Dubs 85

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