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Pilgrim -II Void Worship lp [blue/purple]


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Blue and purple vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 100 numbered copies

New York doom duo Pilgrims sophomore album, II: Void Worship, was released in April of 2014. Though the band weren’t exceptionally accepted initially by critics following the release of their debut title, Misery Wizard, the band have set out to redeem themselves through an allegedly matured set of new material. Are these wizards capable of redemption, or are they cast to the void? The material heard within II: Void Worship is a dark descent into a Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy world of satanic themes, sorcery, death and demonic worship. Needless to say, the lyrical subject matter is mysteriously intriguing and the ensuing instrumental backing is some of the heaviest soul crushing doom to have graced mortal ears in aeons. The vocals easily ensnare the audience with a chillingly occult tone that can’t be shaken, even once the experience is over they will still linger hauntingly in the back of ones mind. A worthy adversary for all doom albums to be born this year, with a unique dark fantasy twist, II: Void Worship is a monumental album that drags the listener down into the depths of hell with bone crushing heavy riffs and perverse one string bridges that warp the mind. The cult vocals will send fits of chills down the spine of the listener and cause their flesh to crawl with their eerie, foreboding lyrics. II: Void Worship is among the top albums so far for 2014 and proves that Pilgrim have greatly matured in their writing and performing abilities.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Masters Chamber
3. The Paladin
4. Arcane Sanctum
5. In The Presence Of Evil
6. Void Worship
7. Dwarven March
8. Away From Here

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