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Pious Levus –Beast Of The Foulest Depths cd


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Debut album by Texas metal underground veterans Lord Necron, Swornghoul and Necroinferno (ex founding members of black metal act Thornspawn). After Lord Necron left Thornspawn he formed Texas Hellraisers Hod. Swronghoul and Necroinferno started Burial Shroud. But the time has come to reunite this unholy trinity to unleash their most sinister band yet, Pious Levus. If youre expecting a continuation of Thornspawns 2000 era black/death style you have the right mindset to absorb the Morbosidad-like blinding fury and Christ-strangling attitude of Beast Of The Foulest Depths. Because the two guitarists at hand had similar goals in their left hand path in the decade previous Pious Levus ultimately offers a continuation of that old school war metal sound without any greater nuance or thematic reaches. Youre getting an ear-scraping blast of hellish, raw and flailing noise with this album and shouldnt expect anything more or less.

Track list:
1. Nameless Cruciforms
2. Baal De Mentoir
3. Beast Of The Foulest Depths
4. Crimson God Possession
5. Desolate Dreams Of Burial Hymns
6. Hellsummoning
7. Hellborn Host
8. Encursing Invader
9. Daemon Xusha’s Invocation
10. Pious Shall Leave Us
11. Conquered Swine

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