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Placebo –Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2 cd


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This 16-song collection is not your typical best of collection, instead we find rare remixes and rare studio tracks among these we have two versions of the track Without You Im Nothing with David Bowie on vocals. This is for the fans that already own the studio albums and want more from the band.

Track list:
1. Johnny And Mary
2. Taste In Men-Adrian Sherwood Go Do Dub Mix
3. Theme From Funky Reverend
4. Taste In Men-Alpine Kamikaze Skimix
5. Holocaust
6. Slave To The Wage-Les Rythmes Digitales Mix
7. Leni
8. Bubblegum
9. Without You I’m Nothing-with David Bowie
10. Without You I’m Nothing-Unkle Remix-with David Bowie
11. Dub Psychosis
12. Passive Aggressive-Brothers In Rhythm Mix
13. Special K-Timo Maas Remix
14. Little Mo
15. Slave To The Wage-I Cant Belive Its A Remix
16. Special K-Timo Maas Dub Mix