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Plastic Grave -Noizy Graves And Plastic Chronicles cd


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Czech grind act Plastic Grave features members of Ingrowing, Mac of Mad and Bizarre Embalming. Plastic Grave makes furious grind songs that break into pop-punk passages, yammering and high-pitched vocals often make an appearance. Noizy Graves And Plastic Chronicles includes what I believe is the band’s entire discography on a single disc, which comes to 75 minutes of Czech grind, an amount that many can get a problem with. Plastic Grave is a bit interesting in that they’re definitely one of the crustier bands I’ve heard in this scene. Just about every Czech grind band has a greater or lesser amount of crust punk to them, but Plastic Grave make it obvious and omnipresent, shuttering out a lot of the other typical influences in this style in favour of a more decisive punk attack. A certain level of influence from bands like Cripple Bastards is clear- while Plastic Grave’s songs tend to be more involved and complex, owing to their death metal influence, punk is the overriding mode that the band works in throughout their discography. In fact, a great deal of the time, you’d think you’re just listening to a straight-up European death/grind/crust record. The music is crusty, but heavily influenced by death and thrash metal alongside it. Most of the songs are structured like Nasum tracks: a couple main riffs, drums that alternate between blast and thrash beat, and a high/low vocal performance that recalls Carcass. If you’re a fanatic for the Czech style of grind, try it out

Track list:
1. Straight To Hell
2. Star Drekk
3. Instant Jesus
4. Clan Of Pilots
5. There Must Be War
6. Return Of The Living Rednecks
7. Gangbang In The City Morgue
8. Doom III-Misfits cover
9. Gambled
10. Earth Begins To Fester
11. Anal(ysis)
12. Song Of Sad Undead
13. Sheep
14. It
15. Poserslaughter Drive-in
16. Life Is A Station In The Middle Of Nowhere
17. Whizz Of Whip
18. Explosion Of Rubber Glue 6215
19. Needle Dance
20. After World Obliteration-drunken mix
21. Gorror Of The Gondiks
22. Plastogression
23. Nails And Balloons
24. Edible Boletus vs. Society
25. Ancient And Horrible Castle Deep In The Woods
26. Gambled 2004
27. Earth Begins To Fester 2004
28. It 2004

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