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Platinum Rose ‎–House Of Pain cd


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Who ever said that good 80’s hard rock music was gone forever? One listen to the 2010 album, House Of Pain, from Platinum Rose and you will feel like you are smack dab back in the 80’s listening to good straight ahead anthemic rock-n-roll. Platinum Rose who is known for their exuberant ass-kicking live shows around Nashville have been building a steady following around their new material. Platinum Rose is a current day band residing in Nashville Tennessee. It is comprised of original Hawk singer Charlie Wayne Morrill, Overture drummer Jason Elkins, bassist Val West, and guitarist James Holland. Stand out tracks like Creatures Of The Night and House Of Pain give the listener that head-banging fist-pumping experience while tracks like I Am and Duck And The Dove will move the ballad-hungry fan. However, it may be the power rock anthem and first single off the album, Heaven Can Wait, that will leave the listener asking whats next? And still some will find that the laid-back bluesy sound of I Didn’t Invent The Rain to be a refreshing look at the inner-workings of a genre-era diverse band. Whatever track it may be that tickles your fancy, there is one thing for sure, you don’t want to be left alone in this House Of Pain….so grab a friend and experience the 80’s all over again…or for the first time.

Track list:
1. Intro (Creatures Of The Night)
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. Shine
4. I Am
5. Without You
6. Danny’s Song
7. Duck And The Dove
8. House Of Pain
9. I Didn’t Invent The Rain
10. Best I Can
11. I Didn’t Invent The Rain-rainy back porch mix

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