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Poison (ger) -Further Down Into The Abyss dlp


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Double album with gatefold cover and insert

Certainly part of the First wave of Black Metal, German warriors Poison started doing demos and live tapes from the early 80s on until they were laid to rest in 1987! Very Venom-, Hellhammer- and Slaughter-inspired they were never picked up by a label, so the material remained deeply underground, until now! Find here the band’s best demo (demo IV) as well as several rare demo. live and rehearsal tracks.

Track listing:
1. Sphinx-Into The Abyss demo 1986
2. Yog-Sothoth-Into The Abyss demo 1986
3. Requiem / Alive (Undead)-Into The Abyss demo 1986
4. Slaves (Of The Crucifix)-Into The Abyss demo 1986
5. Wake The Dead-Awakening Of The Dead demo 1986
6. Legion Of Hell-Awakening Of The Dead demo 1986
7. Satan Commands-Rehearsal November 1986
8. Witchfynde-Rehearsal November 1986
9. Zombie Dance-Rehearsal November 1986
10. Angel Of Satan-Rehearsal November 1986
11. Black Death-Rehearsal November 1986
12. Alive (Undead)-live February 1987
13. Slaves Of The Crucifix-live February 1987
14. Yog-Sothoth-live February 1987

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