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Poison -Flesh And Blood lp [Germany]


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Original European press with printed innersleeve

Apparently disappointed with critical hatred of their previous work, Poison made a bid to be taken seriously after the massive success of Open Up and Say…Ahh! Even the title of Flesh & Blood indicates a desire for more substance and reality in their music, as do darker songs like “Valley of Lost Souls,” “(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice,” “Life Loves a Tragedy,” and a more reflective power ballad, “Life Goes On.” There’s still the adolescent sleaze of the Top Five hit “Unskinny Bop,” but for the most part, Poison shies away from party anthems in favor of Bret Michaels’ toughness-in-the-face-of-tribulation philosophizing. Sometimes it works surprisingly well, aided by the band’s most consistent songwriting and a wider musical range that occasionally veers into swampy blues-rock. At other times, though, Michaels comes off as well intentioned but too self-consciously proud of his own ambition to recognize when he oversteps his bounds, as on parts of the hit ballad “Something to Believe In.” Compared to their earlier output, Flesh & Blood is by no means a bad album (especially with the presence of one of their best songs, “Ride the Wind,” an ode to motorcycles and their surrounding lifestyle). It’s just not what Poison does best.

Track list:
1. Strange Days Of Uncle Jack
2. Valley Of Lost Souls
3. (Flesh And Blood) Sacrifice
4. Swampjuice (Soul-O)
5. Unskinny Bop
6. Let It Play
7. Life Goes On
8. Come Hell Or High Water
9. Ride The Wind
10. Don’t Give Up An Inch
11. Something To Believe In
12. Ball And Chain
13. Life Loves A Tragedy
14. Poor Boy Blues

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