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Pokolgep ‎–Pokoli Szinjatek cd


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First ever official international cd re-issue

Hungarian act Pokolgep are one of the most important heavy metal acts from Eastern Europe, and their four early albums – Totalis Metal (1986), Pokoli Színjatek (1987), Ejszakai Bevetes (1989) and Metal Az Esz (1990), are the ultimate classics of the genre. Their second album Pokoli Szinjatek sounds very German in overall feel. The combination of Accept and Judas Priest that was heavily being milked in Germany at the time is highly present here. This album is faster and generally heavier than their debut, without sacrificing any of the catchiness of the songwriting. More heavily Priest derived than the previous, but with also a strong Accept influence, this is more classic German-sounding metal all the way. We start with Tokfej (literal translation is squash head The word is best translated as something between “asshole” and “poseur”). After a bit of chanting by some children (you think only Pink Floyd did that?) of “I won’t be an asshole, there are enough already!”, we get into some major speed metal riffs. Think Freewheel Burning, but with more emphasis on the riffage in the middle, as opposed to just the solo. Then, Cleansing Fire is more midpaced and has that Balls to the Wall feel to it that some Pokolgep songs tend to do. Judgement is a ballad, it is pretty average in execution, not bad but really a bit forgettable compared to the other songs on here. The Oath is more speed metal… this is the best song on the album, and just one of the greatest metal songs of all time! Definitely the best Pokolgep song ever. This one just fucking rules. It sounds kinda like it could’ve been a Wasp song – they just managed to completely nail the melodies. Throw in some perfectly executed shrieks, and some pretty cool lyrics too. Then, Love You To Death is a bit slower, more Accept-ish again, with some pretty hilarious lyrics. The title track is a bit more epic-sounding, think Metal Heart. It was the opening track to their concerts for many, many years. Great headbanging chorus – the other highlight of the album. Then, 666 – this is more blazing riff-driven speed metal. The lyrics are not overly Satanic, they’re more about the heavy metal lifestyle than anything else, and vague nonetheless. That said, great speed metal. Really nice guitar solo to be found here – total Tipton/Downing worship. Midnight Bell is another midpaced song – the combination of fast and midpaced on this album is really quite well done. Better than Defenders Of The Faith or Restless And Wild, or even Ram it Down. Then, If I Were Born Again is a fast closing song with a really melodic chorus – borderline Helloween Keeper I material here. Yes, this is their best album of the Kalapacs era – it’s the most consistent, and also in general has the best proportion of total speed metal riffage. Nice leads, nice riffs, good vocals – one monstrously killer song, and quite a few more excellent ones… what more do you want?

Track list:
1. Tökfej / Squash Head
2. Tisztitotuz / Cleansing Fire
3. Itelet Helyett / Judgement
4. Vallomas / The Oath
5. Halalra Szeretlek / Love You To Death
6. Pokoli Szinjatek
7. 666
8. Ejfeli Harang / Midnight Bell
9. Ujra Szuletnek / If I Were Born Again

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