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Pokolgep -Ejszakai Bevetes cd


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First ever official international cd re-issue

Hungarian act Pokolgep are one of the most important heavy metal acts from Eastern Europe, and their four early albums – Totalis Metal (1986), Pokoli Színjatek (1987), Ejszakai Bevetes (1989) and Metal Az Esz (1990), are the ultimate classics of the genre. Their third album Ejszakai Bevetes (Night Raid) showed a band with a bit of a broader vision. The album featured a bigger variation of songs where the band shows that they were not all about speed. The album opens with Gep-Indulo (Ignition), which is a speed metal anthem for the masses. The lyrics are total Judas Priest worship, with the chorus ending “there will always be rockers”. Out next is A Lazado (The Rebel), the first slower song coming out sounding like Accept, not bad at all. On the third track, A Pokol Angyalai (Hells Angels), we find Laszlo Nagyfi on vocals. This is a faster track again but this time with Nagyfi’s voice whish is more growling compared to Kalapacs. The highlight on this disc must be A Haboru Gyermeke (Child Of War). It’s a power/speed metal track, something between Walls of Jericho and Keeper of the Seven Keys. Really nicely done melodies, and a great solo. Up their with the best tracks the band ever did. Tepett Madar, Itt Es Most are slower songs, Most Mar Elek a decent heavy metal track, Kar Minden Szo another good track bordering on speed metal while the last track is pretty much just a the band sounding drunk and banging on tables. So overall the highlights of the album compare well with other Pokolgep classics and should be in your collection as well

Track list:
1. Gep-Indulo / Ignition
2. A Lazado / The Rebel
3. A Pokol Angyalai / Hells Angels
4. A Haboru Gyermeke / Child Of War
5. Most Mar Eleg / Enough Already
6. Ejszakai Bevetes / Night Raid
7. Tepett Madar / Torn Bird
8. Itt Es Most / Here And Now
9. Kar Minden Szo / Words Are Useless
10. Szolo / Solo

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