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Pokolgep -Metal As Esz cd


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First ever official international cd re-issue with 4 bonus tracks

Hungarian act Pokolgep are one of the most important heavy metal acts from Eastern Europe, and their four early albums – Totalis Metal (1986), Pokoli Színjatek (1987), Ejszakai Bevetes (1989) and Metal Az Esz (1990), are the ultimate classics of the genre. Their fourth album Metal As Esz feature another great mix of fast and midpaced songs, equal parts Accept Balls To The Wall and Judas Priest Ram It Down. The album starts with an intro then blazes into full speed with the title track. One of the fastest and heaviest songs they ever did. This is Hungarian speed metal. Besides the intense title track we find other fast songs bordering on speed metal but theres also great 80s metal songs and a few ballads. Overall a brilliant album and a must have together with the first 3 as mentioned before.

Track list:
1. Metal Az Esz
2. Gyulolnek
3. Szabadsag Szamyain
4. Egy Az Isten: Rock N Roll
5. Indulj
6. Engedj
7. Kitaszitott
8. Ne Bantsd A Fiut
9. Keso Hosnek Lenni
10. A Dal Erted El
11. Vallomas
12. Ujra Megszuletnek
13. Bon Scott Emlekere
14. 1990

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