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Polissons Et Galipettes dvd


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French edition with slipcase

A delectable and surprisingly explicit selection of French porn films from the silent era (made between 1905 and 1930). The stories were evidently no better then than today, although there’s some typically fine craftsmanship on view in terms of lighting, camerawork and the use of off-duty sets. Whether they involve nuns and bishops (notably popular), musketeers, gardeners or whomsoever, the set-ups all tend to end with pansexual orgies, one even involving an eventually very willing and able pet. And a final surreal cartoon is excruciatingly inventive. Polissons Et Galipettes (Rascals And Somersaults) was the first R18 film to be rated for display in cinemas in the United Kingdom for over ten years, despite its contents, partly due to its classic style and age and as historical footage. Most of the films were made in France and were intended to be shown in brothels. Themes covered include pornographic adaptations of classics such as Madame Butterfly, precursors of pornography clichés such as the encounter between the musketeer and the milkmaid, stock characters such as lascivious nuns and priests, and footage showing bestiality (sexual acts with animals), which according to the film-maker Michel Reilhac shows that the modern porn industry did not invent anything – everything had already been filmed by our great-grandparents.

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Språk: Stumfilm
Format: DVD Region 2 (Sverige/Europa)
Ursprungsland: Frankrike
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