Portrait -Burn The World lp [red marbled]



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Pale violet red marbled vinyl. Limited 500 copies

The relentless, Swedish heavy metal monster known as Portrait was born in the year 2006 with the intention to exterminate the entire world. After the demo tape Welcome to My Funeral took the underground by storm and the release of an equally successful 7″ EP Into the Nothingness, Portrait closed a one-album deal with German underground label Iron Kodex Records, who licensed the vinyl edition of the self-titled album to High-Roller Records. Two years later, the self-titled debut album sold approximately 5000 copies, making it a high selling release for the label. The self-titled album received rave reviews in magazines like Terrorizer (8.5/10), Rock Hard (8/10) and Sweden Rock Magazine (8/10), as well as in the underground press. Their fourth album, Burn The World, released in 2017, shows signs of evolution amidst the high-pitched yelps and irrepressible riffs, but at its heart it is a thrilling heavy metal throwback to an era when Priest ruled supreme and King Diamond spent his time shattering glass with a shriek that could be heard on Mars. It may not reinvent the wheel, but sure as hell gets the blood pumping through the veins, this is metal at its purest. Sometimes you want to just let a band batter you with unadorned metal and Portrait do successfully unleash hell all over the listener but, even so, their metallic assault incorporates myriad elements that expand the palette beyond the expected. ‘Burn the world’ is an impressive effort and well worth a listen.

Track list:
1. Saturn Return-intro
2. Burn The World
3. Likfassna
4. Flaming Blood
5. Mine To Reap
6. Martyrs
7. Further She Rode
8. The Sowers Cross
9. To Die For
10. Pure Of Heart

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Metal Blade Records

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