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Possuido Pelo Cao –Possessed In The Circle Pit/Live Sukata Sk8park dcd


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2021 re-issue featuring Live Sukata Sk8park 2019 as bonus

Possuido Pelo Cao is a side project with some stelionates from Violator, DxFxCx, Terror Revolucionario and Innocent Kids that has come together to get together he hardcore and metal scene, just like the 80’s crossover maniacs. This Brazilian thrash-crossover band released their debut album Possessed In Rhe Circle Pit in 2008 and it was one of the more interesting crossover bands in a long time. Their material is very thrasy, in times reminding us of an early bay area sound as well as Possessed (which the band loves, as can be seen by the name and artwork of their debut demo, Semen Churches). The band obvious love and breath thrashcore that is fast and insane like hell. So if youre into crossover and thrash at all, you just need this release. This 2021 features the 2019 album; Live Sukata Sk8park 2019 as bonus

Track list:
Cd 1: Possessed In The Circle Pit
1. A Marcha Do Cao (The March Of D.O.G.)
2. Ugly On The Inside Too
3. Air Mail Surgery
4. The Catholic Beast
5. Possuido Pelo Cao-D.F.C. cover
6. Demo(n)cracy?
7. Too Fast To Die
8. Anarco-Money-Cops 2012
9. Toxic Possession
10. Anarco-Cops
11. Semen Churches
12. Blame Satan
13. Grey World-Attitude Adjustment cover
14. Mosh Jocks
15. Possessed In The Circle Pit

Cd 2: Live Sukata Sk8park 2019
1. Intro/A Marcha Do Cao (The March Of D.O.G.)
2. Ugly On The Inside Too
3. Air Mail Surgery
4. Radiation Sickness
5. The Catholic Beast
6. Grey World
7. Demo(n)cracy?
8. Too Fast To Die
9. Kill Yourself
10. Toxic Possession
11. Anarco-Money-Cops
12. Policial De Cu
13. Impaled Nazi-Teen
14. Prowler
15. Blame Satan
16. Mosh Jocks
17. The Antichrist
18. The Joke’s On You
19. Semen Churches
20. Possuido Pelo Cao

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