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Powerwolf -Call Of The Wild dlp


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Double album on blue and white marbled vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 1000 copies

Powerwolf have truly established themselves as a global phenomenon: They are on top of the German heavy metal scene and have managed to ensure that their success continues to grow and that they are also internationally respected. If you follow the trail of Powerwolf all the way to their debut Return In Bloodred, the quintet’s lead guitarist and songwriter Matthew Greywolf established an unique style that was unprecedented in this form – combining classic metal including melodic elements with organ sounds and an extra spice of orchestral bombast. Everything in the essence of the Powerwolf universe – starting with the elaborate lyrics – sometimes tongue-in-cheek humorous, sometimes bitterly cynical – to the omnipresent sacral symbolism, nourishes the mystical aura of the five-piece. With every new successful offering, they enrich their history, and the band has made it to the top of the official German charts multiple times – twice in pole position of the album charts and once on #1 of the dvd charts. Their eighth studio album, Call Of The Wild, will lead to a further quantum leap in terms of popularity, appealing to both long-time and newly generated fans, as the full-length catches its listener at first sight. The opener, Faster Than The Flame, already mirrors Powerwolf in its purest form while the album finale Reverent Of Rats is the perfect closer for this 11 track arrangement – always balancing the tightrope act between familiar and new, surprising elements. The outrageously catchy Dancing With The Dead seems downright danceable, while tracks like Alive Or Undead represent a power ballad of highest quality. The whole work hereby cements frontman Attila Dorn’s reputation as an absolutely exceptional singer. Call Of The Wild will certainly not only break chart records again, but also stands out as a bold exclamation mark in the international acclaimed musical landscape of 2021, and conveys Powerwolfs passionate credo like no other work: Metal is religion!

Track list:
1. Faster Than The Flame
2. Beast Of Gevaudan
3. Dancing With The Dead
4. Varcolac
5. Alive Or Undead
6. Blood For Blood (Faoladh)
7. Glaubenskraft
8. Call Of The Wild
9. Sermon Of Swords
10. Undress To Confess
11. Reverent Of Rats
12. Sanctified With Dynamite-featuring Ralf Scheepers
13. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend-featuring Alissa White-Gluz
14. Nightside Of Siberia-featuring Johan Hegg
15. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone-featuring Doro Pesch
16. Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)-featuring Matthew Kiichi Heafy
17. Killers With The Cross-featuring Björn Strid
18. Kiss Of The Cobra King-featuring Chris Harms
19. We Drink Your Blood-featuring Johannes Eckerström
20. Resurrection By Erection-featuring Christopher Bowes
21. Saturday Satan-featuring Jari Mäenpää

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