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Powerwolf -Lupus Dei lp


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15th anniversary edition on black vinyl with poster and new cover artwork

`Lupus Dei’ is the second release of the multinational (German/Romanian/French) band Powerwolf. The songs exist of old-school heavy metal with a theatrical horror feel. You will hear some influences from Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate, all wrapped in contagious melodies. Where their debut `Return In Bloodred’ outshone in predictable, dead compositions, `Lupus Dei’ is a stride forward. Powerwolf, despite the atmosphere and constructions of the compositions are a sequel of the previous album, shows a brighter, less predictable sound. Those who like transmittable melodies, a dark atmosphere and refrains which infectiously keep spinning in your head, `Lupus Dei’ is certainly a album worth checking out.

Track listing:
1. Lupus Daemonis-intro
2. We Take It From The Living
3. Prayer In The Dark
4. Saturday Satan
5. In Blood We Trust
6. Behind The Leathermask
7. Vampires Dont Die
8. When The Moon Shines Red
9. Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey
10. Tiger Of Sabrod
11. Lupus Dei

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