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Powerwolf -Missa Cantorem II lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

Missa Cantorem II is a vocal cover album where eleven well-known international singers reinterpret the eleven songs of Call Of The Wild. Missa Cantorem II forms a sonic alliance with some of the best singers in metal, including Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kursch, Sabaton’s and Majestica’s Tommy Johansson, Kissin’ Dynamite’s Hannes Braun and Amaranthe’s and Dynatzty’s Nils Molin, who pay befitting homage to the 2021 hit album Call Of The Wild. Each song of the album is honored by its own vocal cover, which allows all songs on the album to shine in a new light. Title track Call Of The Wild is newly sung on Missa Cantorem II by none other than the legendary Hansi Kursch. The result is a perfect interplay of his unmistakable voice and the iconic Powerwolf sound. One of the album’s biggest hits, the live anthem Dancing With The Dead, is refined by Kissin Dynamite singer Hannes Braun with his versatile and distinctive voice, while the Amaranthe and Dynatzty singer Nils Molin makes Alive Or Undead his own, and Sabaton string wizard and Majestica singer Tommy Johansson gives Sermon Of Swords a fresh coat of paint.

Track list:
1. Faster Than The Flame-featuring Tribune
2. Beast Of Gevaudan-featuring Roberto Dimitri Liapakis
3. Dancing With The Dead-featuring Hannes Braun
4. Varcolac-featuring Jonne Järvelä
5. Alive Or Undead-featuring Nils Molin
6. Blood For Blood (Faoladh)-featuring Melissa Bonny
7. Glaubenskraft-featuring Michelle Darkness
8. Call Of The Wild-featuring Hansi Kursch
9. Sermon Of Swords-featuring Tommy Johansson
10. Undress To Confess-featuring Matteo Vdiva Fabbiani
11. Reverent Of Rats-featuring Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann

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