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PP7 Gaftzeb -Kastar Första Stenen lp


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Black vinyl limited 300 copies and never released with picture sleeve

Swedish act PP7 Gaftzeb is probably most known to punkheads for their tracks that ended up on the 1993 split single with the notorious GG Allin. PP7 Gaftzeb has since then released a couple of splits EPs and cassettes and has also appeared on several compilation albums. The first full length album ‘Kastar Forsta Stenen/Throwing The First Rock) was released in 2006. PP7 Gaftzeb is very much a one man project backed up with several guest and session musicians. The roots of Staffan Fredelius music is very much hardcore and punk but whats most admirable about this artist is that he doesn’t seem to give a f**k about what people thinks but more or less follows what his heart tells him to do. This debut album features everything from grind and noise to punk, acoustic and almost disco. And its the unpredictable that makes it exciting as you don’t really know what the next track will bring. With a mixed album like this there are of course a lot of tracks that you don’t like as much as other but overall its a interesting journey. The material here was recorded between 2001 and 2004.

Track list:
1. Punk Rock Song
2. Psykoplasma
3. Mors Lilla Olle
4. Mord I Blicken
5. Kärlek Mellan Alla Människor
6. Saviour And Trashcan
7. Dags Att Fika
8. Emma Mahela And PP7 Gaftzeb
9. Following The Mainstream
10. 1984
11. I Wonder
12. Retarded Recluse
13. Marilyn Hanson
14. Rock N Roll Underground
15. Adel, Präster, Borgare Och Bönder
16. 1990
17. Emma Mahela And PP7 Gaftzeb-Drug Bugs mix

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AKA (Alternativkultur Ambassaden) Records

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AKA 10