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Praying Mantis –Katharsis lp [orange]


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Orange marbled vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 800 copies

So much has been written about the enduring influence of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal over the decades that it’s easy to forget that only a few of its bands achieved any significant success. Praying Mantis were never afforded the fortune or opportunities that came the way of the movement’s big names, and neither were they allowed the retrospective credibility latterly afforded to the more influential likes of Angel Witch and Venom. Instead, the Londoners took a singular approach, infusing their sound with more melody, harmony and prog-tinged pomp than any of their contemporaries, and casually pre-empting the hook-worshipping AOR and melodic rock movements that followed as the 80s progressed. If it’s a classic NWOBHM album you want, then 1981’s Time Tells No Lies is always a solid choice. Occasional hiatuses notwithstanding, Praying Mantis have been more persistent than most of their peers in recent times. Katharsis is the fourth studio album since the band reunited (again) in 2008, and much like 2018’s Gravity, these songs eschew misty-eyed nostalgia in favor of a timeless, classic rock sound and songs with self-evident crowd-pleasing potential. Katharsis tells of a veteran band with plenty of gas in the tank and a strong grip on their highly distinctive identity.

Track list:
1. Cry For The Nations
2. Closer To Heaven
3. Ain’t No Rock’N’Roll In Heaven
4. Non Omnis Moriar
5. Long Time Coming
6. Sacrifice
7. Wheels In Motion
8. Masquerade
9. Find Our Way Back Home
10. Don’t Call Us Now
11. The Devil Never Changes

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